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Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
31 March 2017 @ 05:30 pm
The Good: My first paycheck came today, and it was pretty nice!

The Bad: Because of my month-and-a-half stint with unemployment, I had to pay every single bill I have (which I usually split between two checks) with just this one. Annnndddd my preorder for the Take Your Heart edition of Persona 5, which will be the first game I’ve bought this year, will also come off this check. I considered canceling my preorder, numerous times, but… I don’t want to? It’ll be the first “fun” thing I’ve bought for myself in a minute, and it’s one of my favorite series, like, ever. So there.

The Ugly: After paying all my bills, Persona 5, lending some money to Joe for groceries, and taking out my projected amount to fill up my tank twice (the drive from my house to here is seriously long), I’ll have a whopping $90 to live off of until the fifthteenth.

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Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
I have no idea what happened, but I completely and inexplicably wanted to hop into the Sonic universe after ten years. I found my old GCN memory card and found my Sonic Adventure 2: Battle file to play around and revisit my chao, after an extremely long absence. I played the hell out of that game when it came out, got all the emblems, etc etc. It's one of the few games I've 100% completed in every single way. According to the time on my card, I played about 350-ish hundred hours.

I'll let that sink in.

Yeah, I was a major fan back in the day. I still hold that SA2 is the best Sonic game, and it's still one of my favorite games of all time. I've played a handful of others in the series (the Genesis games, the first Adventure game, Chronicles, even Mean Bean Machine) and none have even grabbed me the same way. Of course, that affection extends to the principal cast (Shadow is, and always will be, boss) and the main story line.

Anyways, after I visited my garden,and realized I'd left two chao in the daycare for ten years, in which they learned how to play the trumpet (they gained a valuable skill so I'm totally not a terrible and negligent parent!!!), I decided I was going to finally force myself to get through Sonic Chronicles.

If you haven't played it, it's an RPG made by Bioware (yep, that Bioware) for the DS which relies way too heavily on touch controls. It's cute, and I really want to beat it, but I always get tired of the controls and annoying ass music (which is not something you should ever have to say about a Sonic game.) I've started it twice before and never got much father than Chapter 5, which is only a few hours in the game (it's super short) before I lost interest.

So while I've been playing that a bit, and have also been considering replaying Adventure's 1 + 2, just for fun. At least until I finally get P5.

That led to me, finally, watching Sonic X on Hulu. It's... not nearly as bad as I expected. Actually, it's kind of good! I had quite a few feelings about it (I just finished the Adventure arc from the beginning of the second season) that I'm sure I'll talk about sooner or later. Knowing me, it'll be later.

Let's just be real.

(Oh, and I start my job Thursday morning. Yoikes)
Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
12 March 2017 @ 12:49 am
Not being able to check DW every day due to work, and thus stay updates with things, is hard. Especially since I've got a lot more free time until I start my new job, and I can't seem to find the time to do it? Huh.


*watches Bob's Burgers on Netflix and lays around getting fat*
Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
07 March 2017 @ 12:22 pm
It’s been awhile, hasn’t it folks? Fear not, it was not by my own design that I’ve been so negligent to post here. The fault lies with AT&T for taking down our new address incorrectly (twice!) and rescheduling our internet installation (twice!!). A few things happened in the week-and-a-half-without-internet (a dark time, to be sure), as it will be known henceforth. For one, I’ve moved! We’ve left behind the cute two-story house near Midtown and now officially live in a townhome in Cordova—that’s about twenty minutes from where we used to live—that’s smaller, but also quite cheaper (an almost $300 difference), and I’m actually liking the layout quite a bit. The old place had a lot of unused space; the front room had a hideous couch and chair that no one ever used, plus our main bookshelf, one of the downstairs bedrooms basically held boxes we never unpacked from our previousmove, and the laundry room—which was the size of a bedroom, if not bigger than the bedrooms we used—had the washer and dryer…and more boxes that never got unpacked.

We fill the space at this new place much better. It’s meant discarding some things we didn’t have room for (the aforementioned couch and recliner), which is all for the better. Unpacking is around 95% done, and it’s that list little percentage that I’ve had trouble focusing on. I spent the first three days after the move working tirelessly to arrange the kitchen (twelve hours), the living room (nine) and our bedroom (three or four). Once most of that was completed, by drive plummeted to where it is now. But! We are mostly unpacked and able to live, so I’m calling it a victory. I’ve got a few more boxes to get through, and we have some furniture taking up space in the living room that needs to go, plus Bex plans to get some chairs for the reading loft, but then we should be all set. I’ll want to get a second media shelf at some point—the one I have now is filled to the brim, and we’ve still got a trunk of DVDs and copies of games stashed in the closet—but that’s a “later, rather than sooner” type deal.

Moving wasn’t the only thing that happened while I was away. In order to make the three day move as eventful as possible, I received a job offer at a new credit union. I accepted, and should be starting in a week or so. Aside from the fact that I’m at the point where I desperately need a job, this position actually pays far more than my previous one did. On the downside, it’s about a forty minute drive from my place to there (it’s near the airport), which is sad since they have a location about three minutes up the street, so I may see what my options are for transferring. Either way, I’m looking forward to having an income again.

That’s been pretty much it. Since I’ve been unemployed, I’ve been keeping myself fairly busy. I have seen a few movies, which will get the drive-by review treatment soon, and started playing Eternal Sonata, so an impressions post will be upcoming.

I’ve missed you guys. I’ve also missed lots of posts, so if there’s anything in particular that’s exciting or worth knowing, let me know (or direct me to your posts, if it’s been covered there). <3

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Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
17 February 2017 @ 03:54 am
Still looking for a job, though next week I have an interview with another credit union. A test will be involved. Yay. I’m also going to the doctor on Monday for my six month check-up since I got on my medication, so we’ll see what’s going on there. But wait, there’s more! That Friday we’re also moving from our house into the townhouse in Cordova.

It’s gonna be a busy week.

I never really do much for Valentine’s Day, and I’m not shy about sharing my opinion on the matter (it’s a dumb holiday), but Joe and I were both off, so we decided to get each other the gift of Blu-ray (Arrival for him, Justice League Dark for myself) and then did a double feature at home.

Arrival is still one of the best films I have ever seen. I got really wet-eyed again. Still recommend it to everyone.

Gaming news has been pretty Resident Evil-based. I beat RE7 again, so I’ve seen both endings, and I’ve played all the currently available DLC with the exception of Ethan Must Die! Mode. I’m also playing through Madhouse difficulty with Bekah. I love this game to pieces. I also replayed the entirety of RE6 on Professional mode, just for the hell of it.

I've also been following news of Injustice 2. I gotta say, I'm digging the current showing for the roster. Playable Poison Ivy? Sign me up.
Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
I’ve had some free time lately (hah), and have used said free time to see some movies I’ve never seen before. I meant what I said about keeping up with mini-reviews of new (to me) movies, so here we go:

Maniac: Elijah Wood continues being the creepiest little hobbit ever by stalking women and brutally murdering them. The P.O.V camera is ingenious and makes the uncomfortable scenes extremely uncomfortable. Like super gross, had-to-turn-away-a-few-times uncomfortable. Great movie which is basically a darker take on The Voices and I will probably never need to watch again because yikes.

Heathers: The inspiration for Mean Girls which isn’t nearly as awesome (but is also not for my generation, so there you go). Speaking of which, this movie is aggressively 80s: shoulder pads, big hair, teachers smoking in schools, kids wearing trench coats in schools, kids bringing guns to schools… clearly this movie came from a different era. Oh, and Christian Slater is basically Jack Nicholson. And probably gets woobiefied by the fangirls, even though he’s a domestic terrorist.

Strange Magic: Not!Epic with meh music, a messy plot, poor writing and a desperate need for a discussion about consent. This movie is one of the worst I’ve seen in a while, despite some real talent in the cast (Kristin Chenoweth). The whole film feels cheap and lazy. On the plus side, the Bog King was a surprisingly interesting character who I really enjoyed, and the movie got a lot better over half-way through when he became the focus of the story. The first half is pretty insufferable though. Like, I can barely stress how difficult it was to get through. I recommend watching it like I did: with friends to make fun of it. Or with copious amounts of alcohol.

Justice League Dark: DC Animated’s second R-rated flick, focused on the titular team… and Batman, of course. A strong showing from Constantine and Zatanna, and a very unfortunate shout-out to Dogma that just… did not need to be a thing. At all. Far better than The Killing Joke’s first half, and inferior to it’s second. A full review (with pictures!) will be forthcoming. You guys know how I love to write bloated, opinionated recaps on DC animated stuff.

Rings: Saw this in theaters. I remember the original films…sorta. I remember Naomi Watts was in them, and that she had a creepy kid, and the whole “seven dayssss” thing. I always gets the English ghost’s name (Samara) mixed up with the Japanese onryo’s (Sadako). Oh, right… we’re talking about this film though. Uh….well, it distracted me early on with a conversation about the story of Orpheus with a reference to Hades as “the Devil”, which isn’t exactly an accurate analogue, and I’m enough of a pretentious asshole that it bothered me for a minute. Vincent D’Onofrio is in this, and he’s excellent. The protagonist is less so. I’m not sure if she’s a bad actress with an inability to emote, or her accent makes her seem like it’s the case. I’m leaning towards the latter. A decent mystery with a somewhat surprising plot twist regarding D’Onofrio’s character, but not actually scary in the slightest.
Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
04 February 2017 @ 07:42 pm
Hey team. Haven’t been around much for… obvious reasons… so I’m really behind on…well, just about everything. I have not returned to rectify that. However! I wanted to forget about my own problems for a bit and think about the problems of someone else—namely a fictional someone else: Mr. Ethan Winters.

For those that haven’t played it, Resident Evil 7 is basically the lovechild of P.T and Amnesia, with a dose of Haunting Ground thrown in. It’s mostly self-contained, so it feels more like a side story than a main entry, up until the last little bits where it serves as a viewpoint into the Resident Evil world at large. Make no mistake, if you’re not up to date on RE lore, you can still get this game and understand 99.98% of it. The direct shout-outs to previous events in the series, outside of gameplay staples like the knife (“What am I supposed to do with a knife!?”) and cranks used to open overly elaborate doors, are extremely minor. It makes for an almost surreal experience, as newer releases in the RE series can be alienating to players unfamiliar with previous games’ events, characters, and ideas.

This is not a bad thing! What does tie it into the greater RE universe is intriguing for fans of the series, but how it can be played as a stand-alone story and still have the impact and feeling of a complete experience is an impressive feat.

If this game is on your radar then PLAY IT. It’s stupid amounts of fun, and unquestionably the scariest game in the franchise. I, a hardcore fan of the series, really enjoyed it… for whatever that’s worth.

Okay, so if you have not taken my advice in the last three seconds and experienced this fun-scary game for yourself, you may wanna take a break, bookmark this post, and come back when you have. From here on out we are gonna be in massive spoiler territory. And, like with the twist at the end of Chris’ campaign in RE6, this is actually something I think would be more fun to experience unspoiled.

For those of you who have already finished the game (or have returned months later to comment on this post, because I really wanna talk about it) here’s a few particular thoughts I had during/after playing, helpfully organized in a semi-coherent way. Y’know, like RE lore as a whole. A heads-up that I haven’t spent much time lurking online in the past few weeks, and that includes to get reactions/theories/ideas about the game. So, these are my original thoughts… which are ideally not completely at odds with the fandom at large (but, as with many big fandoms, RE is one which is forever splintered by a broken base, sooooo)

Massive spoilers beyond this point.Collapse )
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Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
Fair warning, there be spoilers as to the identity of the final boss in Persona 4, plus Marie's part in the game.

I had more to say that I expected...Collapse )
Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
10 January 2017 @ 10:41 am
I never got to talk much about Life is Strange on here. I bought it with a bunch of other goodies during the Steam sale, and got through it in about three weeks. It was pretty great, I’d highly recommend it. Well-written and varied female characters, an intriguing mystery, time travel shenanigans, great music, excellent voice work, smooth, almost comic bookish art style…it’s a cool little game that deserves all the praise it got from the beginning.

… That’s about all I have to say about it. I kind of wish I had more haha. Uh…go play it. It’s good.