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Everything Burns

...all of this hate and all of this rage burn it all down...

Trying to avoid that bloody destiny
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The name is Nico. I'm your average fandom-loving, happy-go-lucky guy. I enjoy video games, comics, and some anime. I love pursing fannish interests and spending time with the people I love. I love long walks on the beach and dark chocolate kisses

I enjoy writing fanfiction (though I do not do so all that often) and being a part of fandom. I'm consider myself friendly and outgoing, as well as extremely geeky. I love to talk about fandom. Generally I have an open friending policy. If we share interests and you wanna be friends feel free to hit me up.

I co-mod the f_emblem_rants comm if you like to play the Fire Emblem games I highly recommend joining! It's a very fun and friendly comm.

Memories are often fanfiction/drabbles, often not found at FF.net

It's Malon!

Feel free to check my fanlistings to see some of my fannish things. Not up to date in years completely up to date, but hey, it's still decent!

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